A short introduction to myself


Hey! Thanks for the visit! Let’s go straight to the point and let me talk a bit about myself.
My name, as you clearly read from the website is Andrea Mazzilli, I am an experienced frontend developer who love to work with the cutting edge technologies, especially Nodejs, Reactjs and Redux (read more about my skills). I live in Amsterdam since 2015 because i love the Netherlands and I always found living in north Europe more suitable for myself. Ah yes! Didn’t I mention I come from Italy? You know pasta, pizza and all those nice things that makes you hungry..
Btw I introduced myself as a frontend developer, but that’s a bit restrictive, I wasn’t always that! I started my journey in 1999 when I was hired as a flash developer (old people will understand what I am talking about); I spent 2 years working in an amazing new media agency where I learned a lot of skills (design, brand identity, usability and last but non the least working in such a nice environment that you wake up in the morning and run to the office cause it’s too much fun!