About me.

1st of August 2019 - by Andrea Mazzilli.


In the last 20 years I experienced the IT world from different perspectives: I worked as a flash developer, back-end developer, webmaster, account, web designer, SEO and JavaScript developer. I soon learnt how to deliver a complete product by working with Databases, Back-end, SEO and Cross-browser compatibility. After the new media bubble exploded, I developed strong graphic and video editing skills that I used to work in the marketing business. As the new front-end technology came out around 2010, I instantly devoted myself into learning everything I needed to learn in order to become, again, what I always was.. a web developer.


Andrea Mazzilli studied at scientific high school where he developed a strong interest for different science fields such as physics, math, biology and chemestry. After he followed up biology courses at the Roma 3 University, he was mostly interested into bio chemestry and how to visualize chemical reactions on a computer. When he realised that path was a dead end in Italy, he switched his interest into the Information Techology field. From that moment he learnt everything he needed to become a web developer.


Andrea Mazzilli grew up in Italy, but strongly influenced by the American culture. He soon realised that his interests were different from other friends and colleagues so he decided to move to the Netherlands, a country with more growth opportunities and an "American like" culture. Important values for Andrea are: human interactions, being up to date, and express his creativity.

Life goals

To have a happy life, to have a happy wife and to live in a place where the weather is good for surfing.