New website is online.

1st of August 2019 - by Andrea Mazzilli.

andreamazzilli.com 2019 new website

About this website.

I created this website using all of my skills, this means that I literally designed and delivered every single part of it. I could have used many of the available cms we all know, but the reasons why I decided to do everything by myself are that: I wanted to show how easy can be to create a personal website, how high performance can it be compared to the other quick solutions I could have used and last but not least.. I wanted to do everything in one language: JavaScript.

Purpose of this website.

This website is intended to help myself to be discovered by people, users like you. I am gonna post as often as I can articles about web development, graphic design and visual effects. All the things that I am interested in, I have knowledge about and I wanna share with the world.

Performance optimisation.

Performance of a website is critical; while developing mine, I put this requirement at the top of my list. Speed, security, compatibility, SEO and user experience, they are all important and they must all be pushed to the max possible result.

Technical details.

This website is using only javascript for both server-side and client-side. The web server is Expressjs serving static files. The client side is vanilla javascript with no libraries or frameworks to maintain the smallest size possible.