How to create a logo.

3rd of August 2019 - by Andrea Mazzilli.

Vector manipulation to create a logo


If you have a company you have probably spent some time thinking about a logo to put on your cards or on your website; something unique, strong and able to catch attention and eventually be easily memorised by your target audience. Well.. now you have two options, either you pay someone to create it for you.. either you embrace the adventure of creating your own logo by yourself. Creating a logo is a process that require a lot of knowledge and skills, especially when we want to be original. For the purpose of this video we will only explain how to technically create a vector logo that we can reuse for different purposes. If you like the second option then keep watching this video until the end. I promise you are gonna learn all the processes involved from the basic till the advanced.

Type of Logos.

There are essentially two kind of logos, the ones made by pure design "logo" and the ones made by just text "logotype". While creating a logo involves a lot of knowledge, graphic skills and a certain amount of creativity, a logotype will be an easier solution to get a quick result.


Choosing the right colors for your logo might not be as easy as it seems, actually it can turn out pretty hard. In every culture, colors, have certain meaning: red for danger, white for purity, green for ecologic and so on.. but that's not exactly the same for all cultures. For instance in China a bride dress with red, because red in their culture represent purity and remember in western culture red represent danger and purity is mostly represented by white. Also white in the eastern culture is often used for funerals, yes, to celebrate death! What is the color of death in western countries? Exactly the opposite, black. So when you have to pick up a color for your logo, you should remember that there are rules that can affect the customer from the unconscious point of view.


"Less is more" this famous quote from Steve Jobs can definitely apply to the logo design general rules; a successful logo needs to have a simple design and sometimes this is the hardest job.