Learn JavaScript for free.

18th of Dicember 2019 - by Andrea Mazzilli.

andreamazzilli.com 2019 learn JavaScript for free

Use the browser's console.

Every web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Explorer..) read and execute JavaScript code from every website. JavaScript is a simple language and websites cannot hide the source code; given that, you can easily learn JavaScript by simply going to a website and check the source code in the web inspector. Another important tip is that you can run JavaScript code directly from the browser's console; in this way you can interact with the Dom (Document Object Model) of any web page. The browsers's console is really powerful and while developing your own JavaScript code you can debug it and check for any error or warning in order to correct and improve your web pages.

Install NodeJS.

NodeJS is probably the most relevant software since JavaScript was invented. With NodeJS you can run any version of JavaScript outside of the browser's environment; your JavaScript code is now capable of running a web server, accessing the file-system, sending emails, work with databases and so much more. NodeJS comes with Npm (Node Package Manager) that allows you to easily and freely download scripts from other users. After installing those packages, you will find them into the "node_modules" folder; all those packages are nothing more than JavaScript files and resources that you can just open and read in your IDE. Reading other users' packages is a really good way to learn JavaScript from expert developers.

Follow YouTube vloggers specialised in JavaScript.

So you want to learn JavaScript but you would prefer not to spend money on an expensive course right? Luckily for you there is an entire world of free information here on the web. This article is an example but the most powerful way to learn is by watching online courses. YouTube is full of vloggers, tutors and teachers and other people that can transfer that knowledge to you in a matter of minutes.

Buy a JavaScript book.

Even if in 2019 reading a book about JavaScript could look like an old fashioned way to learn a code language, I really like to have those books at hand. Everytime I need to disconnect from the screen for a relaxing reading maybe on my couch or in a park I can still learn something or at least refresh my JavaScript knowledge.

Practice makes perfect.

This is probably the best advice I would give to anybody who wants to learn JavaScript and this is the first language they are learning. The more you practice, fail and succeed the more you actually learn. This is not really rocket science, everybody knows that practice makes perfect, anyway we tent to forget this and give up our dreams. I am just here to remember you that everything is possible, so keep learning!